Jojo CMS

Jojo: a Search Engine Friendly CMS

Most CMS systems claim to be search engine friendly these days.

The majority of CMS systems are notoriously bad at being search engine friendly (despite any claims made), and this is a real problem for CMS site owners. Most CMS systems these days offer friendly looking URLs, and seem to think that's enough to be called a "SEO friendly CMS". Whatever.

Clients often accept this "search engine friendly" status at face value, when it's clear that the CMS in question is not designed for search engines.

Jojo SEO features

Jojo is not one of the crowd. The on-page SEO features in Jojo are world class, and if you can get the links to your site, you will get great rankings.

We have a detailed understanding of on-page SEO and have developed many parts of Jojo with this in mind - not merely an afterthought.

  • Nice URLs
  • No Duplicate content
  • Fields for page metadata
  • Search engine friendly navigation
  • Built-in Sitemap
  • Google XML Sitemaps
  • Google Analytics
  • Google webmaster verification
  • Optimised webmaster credits
more Jojo SEO features